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OrnateGarden’s are always looking for new, exciting and creative ideas.. That’s why there’s always lot’s happening. You can find out what that is right here on our website. Feel free to drop in regularly – there’s always something new to discover.

Ex Demo

3rd July, 2014

At Ornate Garden we like to make sure that we always have the latest Rotating Pods available for demonstration so we cycle our buildings regularly. This means we frequently have ex-demo Pods, Rotating Spheres, garden buildings and accessories available for those wishing to purchase or upgrade at a significant saving on list price for delivery over November & December.


Weekend Kitchen

16th May, 2014

Just to let you know Ornate Garden's Pods feature on Channel 4's Weekend Kitchen's special on Dens and Treehouses!!!


Integrated Lighting

25th March, 2014

The new improved 2014 rotating sphere will now come fitted with a solar panel and integrated lighting.


New For 2014

1st January, 2014

You would think that winter would be a quite time of the year for the manufacturing of garden buildings, but that’s not the case with Rotating Pod's. This winter we have been busy improving our products and adding new features.


Pod Maintenance and After Care

15th October, 2013

As the fiery colours of autumn leaves begin to nestle around our feet and the days become shorter it is time to start organising the garden for the colder months ahead. Indeed, winter is fast approaching bringing with it a host of frosty mornings and chilly winds and although your sphere requires no maintenance, you may be wondering how best to ensure that your sphere is in tip top shape for both the approaching winter and the following spring…


NEW Pod Distributor

10th January, 2013

Ornate Garden announced today they have joined forces with ‘alpine pods’ a new pod distributor in South of France to strengthen the existing structure of its European Sales Strategy.


Rob Brydon - would we lie to you

21st May, 2012

It was great to have Rob drop by this year at the Chelsea Flower Show…


Facing the Elements Head On

1st December, 2011

The corrosive-resistant construction means that it can confidently remain outside to face the elements ‘Head On’.


Four Seasons Garden

1st December, 2011

Ornate Garden opens NEW Design, craft, Country Shop and 4 Seasons Garden



  • Since your visit, we have used the pod for romantic candle lit suppers, leisurely weekend breakfasts, and just relaxing looking out onto our lovely garden. It was a big hit with our young nephew and niece as well! We would thoroughly recommend the pod and your company to anyone and once again, thank you for your prompt, courteous and excellent service with best wishe

David and Rachel Barnett


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